Game of War

Game Of War

Game Of war Fire Age s one on the biggest games of the year. it has been created by Machine Zone. It was launched for mobile device so you can GOW anywhere anytime.

Machine zone has made a killing on Game Of War Fire Age. many of the games that have came along have not been able to compete and have dropped of the rankings for top download.  Market research has shown that GOW is the top IOS game and is still listed as the best. GOW fans are committed to this game and the video below is a great example of

This is game sis a cross between Farmville and Risk. You start t Game of War with mines, barracks, farms in your small city. you have a certain amount of time to complete each action. It could take days, hours or minutes. when you form alliances it will help speed up your construction and you will even get help in battles from 100 of other players.

It is free to play because it is subsidize by players that pay for other optional items. These items make the other players more powerful.

Gamers have a ton of respect for this game. It is obsessively clickable and could possibly be the first global game in the MMORPG market.

Game of War is Intense and highly competitive. it is has the feeling of playing with someone on line or having someone sitting right next to you. Annihilate your enemies with this addictive game. Get alot of people in the game and the fun never stops. There is a great community of gamers that emerge from this game platform. Even though there is a sense of self importance that is paid for.

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