League Of Angels

League Of Angels

League of Angels has been developed as one of he best browser based interactive rpg games that of the year. The combat in this MMORPG is turned based at high speed. You can can build your own armies with your own gaurdian to support you.
The theme of the game is based in the land Etheria. In Etheria there is a league of angles that rule over all aspects of human life. This rule has been in place for over a 1000 years but something has went terribly wrong. The seal of life has been stolen by the dark forces. The angelsare powerless without it. Humans have been called on to help the angels regain there power by reclaiming the seal of life.


Features of the League of Angels.

  • Rogue-like Mode This mode allows you to mix it up.
  • Explore Dungeons There are mutiplayer dungeons and solo dungeons that can be explored to get treasure and loot.
  • Cross Server Battles No matter the server you can fight your enemies wherever they are.

Aside from these various modes, League of Angels has lots of mini games that allow players to further buff up their party:
– Gemology: Play a daily match 3 game to get extra gems, which can be embedded in your gear.
– The Tide Pool: Go fishing to get special prizes, but this isn’t your daddy’s fishing mode!
– The Spire: Climb the Spire to get special gems that enhance their heroes’ stats.
– Raids: Steal puzzle pieces from other players to craft treasure chests.
– Wyrm Race: Race your dragon across a dark canyon, while carrying chest full of gold! 

There are a ton of mini games to play in League of Angels.

  1. Go fishing and get prizes when you head over to the tide pool. Be warned this is not grampa’s fishing hole.
  2. Carry a treasure chest full of gold while you race through dark canyon in the WRYM Race
  3. Embedded gems in your gear when you play the 3 match game daily for extra sparkling gems with Gemology
  4. Be the thief you always wanted to be by stealing other players puzzle pieces from their treasure chest in Raids.

League of Angels Game

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