Neverwinter Character Creation

neverwinter character creationNeverwinter character creation is the same as many other MMO’s. However, there some slight differences you must be aware of.

Your Choices before getting started on your Neverwinter character creation.

  1. Race
  2. Appearance
  3. Background
  4. Shard
  5. Class

Race: Determines, bonus points, for ability score, character race, special powers unique to race

Shard: Is when you will select your server your character will be housed on.

Class: Play style and role of the character

Ability Score: is a trade off that will make your Neverwinter character creation stronger in some abilities and weaker in others.

Apperance: You can create the character the way you want them to be to set yourself apart from other players.

Background: Gives you more chance for role playing and give a better feel for your character.

None of the characters in Neverwinter have anything in common. You will notice that there are different achievements, separated banks, and you will be able to unlock one hero. The exception is that you will be able to join a guild with a hero by your side.

There are preferred skills of each class. You raise the rank of the a player by spending skill points.

Depending on how you approach the task of Neverwinter character creation can be difficult or easy process. Some people pro’s or beginners start by thinking of their favorite movies, books, or other role playing characters to base their characters on.

It is recommended that you create an original character from your own imagination that will dominate your character class. These are the Neverwinter characters that stand out the most.

Be patient when creating your character you will enjoy playing with your character much more. Alot of players like to create characters that bash their opponent heads in be leaping in and out. Others like to use spells for defense or plan out devious ambushes.

And still others enjoy playing characters who use diplomacy or intimidation to avoid a fight whenever possible. Neverwinter Nights is a huge game and you want to make the best of the time spent playing it, so hopefully this guide has sent you down the right path toward determining what sort of character you want to play.

If your a diplomatic person and prefer to avoid fight build a character with those attributes. Neverwinter is a big game and you have alot of room to do alot of things.

Neverwinter character creation is very important to dominating your world. Learn the best tips and tricks by using the Neverwinter Secrets Guide by clicking the link below.


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